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It’s so very quiet this morning. She is sleeping with a soft snore. All the cats are settled down somewhere in the house. In two and a half weeks she and I will be legally wed. In DC. Not that the Commonwealth of Virginia will recognize it. But no matters, it is important to us to do this.

Tommy’s words to me yesterday were, “Can you see yourself being with This person the rest of your life? Can you see yourself never being with anyone else?” my answer to both was without hesistation “YES” Tommy nodded then said said “Then you are ready.”

I love how my general manager, who is a few years younger than I, can be so fatherly.

Yes, I most certainly am ready.

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It’s Saturday morning, I’ve woken when I should still be sleeping. Listening to my love’s breathing as she lies next to me. Listening to the overall stillness of the apt with another housemate and three cats. Listening to the quiet of the world outside. It’s dawn. Overcast maybe. The light outside barely enough to wake the world from sleep. I sit here thinking how grateful I am that in 38 days she and I will be legally wed in Washington DC. That she wants to spend her life with me. Hopeful that someday some federal legislation will come along and allow our marriage to also be recognized in our own State of Virginia.

Lea, my love, I love you with all my heart.

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Remembering April Dawn Schutte Anderson, born into this world 4 Dec 1969, taken from this world 4 January 2009. I love you sis. I miss you all the time.

Remembering April Dawn Schutte Anderson, born into this world 4 Dec 1969, taken from this world 4 January 2009. I love you sis. I miss you all the time.

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Christmas Eve morning

Rest of presents are wrapped and packed for traveling. A few misc items are needed to be gathered for Amanda and family. My love ended up staying home instead of traveling. I am very happy with this on many levels. Mostly because it was what she needed for herself to lower her stress levels and rest. For myself, it means I won’t be spending Christmas day alone. Yay! My family always does Christmas Eve.

I have one more work shift, but its only 6 hours long.

Merry Christmas.

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A bit of advice
Given to a young Native American
At the time of his initiation:
As you go the way of life,
You will see a great chasm. Jump.
It is not as wide as you think.

Joseph Campbell, speaking to Bill Moyers in the Power of Myth.

This was always one of my favorite quotes from JC. I fell in love with JC’s work when I was in High School. I attended a local community college ENG 101 class for an audit and high school credit. My professor introduced me to the work of Joseph Campbell while working on research for my big paper due that quarter. I always felt kinda sad I was to young to go and actually be one of JC’s students. But I clearly remember the series of interviews that were on PBS when Bill Moyer had conversations with JC for the Power of Myth. Those conversations have settled into the back of my psyche and percolated ever since.

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definitely in a nesting mood still.. got laundry going.. got coffee on the table next to me.. got some cleaning to do.. mmmm, need some music now.. other roommate is out for the afternoon..

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New Blog

It’s kinda like my life long love of journals and blank books, it’s a shiny new blog.

I am pondering a new name for our house. Trying to let it percolate inside, a new router is coming, hopefully will be here by Christmas. It will need a name. I have been unpacking and putting books out on the shelves. This is quite an experience, for the last 4 years, I have lived with boxes. Everywhere I have been.. even before I moved back, I still had a lot of stuff in boxes.

Kinda neat to unpack and start sorting thru my stuff. It is really nice making a home with Lea.

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