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A bit of advice
Given to a young Native American
At the time of his initiation:
As you go the way of life,
You will see a great chasm. Jump.
It is not as wide as you think.

Joseph Campbell, speaking to Bill Moyers in the Power of Myth.

This was always one of my favorite quotes from JC. I fell in love with JC’s work when I was in High School. I attended a local community college ENG 101 class for an audit and high school credit. My professor introduced me to the work of Joseph Campbell while working on research for my big paper due that quarter. I always felt kinda sad I was to young to go and actually be one of JC’s students. But I clearly remember the series of interviews that were on PBS when Bill Moyer had conversations with JC for the Power of Myth. Those conversations have settled into the back of my psyche and percolated ever since.

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